Alloy wheel refurbishment
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Need new tyres?

Did you know that Premier Wheels (Midlands) Ltd supply and fit new tyres?

In addition to the specialist repair and refurbishment of alloy wheels, we offer competitive pricing on a large range of new premium brands such as Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, and Dunlop as well as budget tyres to suit all pockets which we will be pleased to quote, supply and professionally fit to your requirements.

Puncture repairs are also undertaken.

Your one stop shop

Even better why not take the opportunity to make it a ‘one stop shop’ have your new tyres fitted and wheels balanced at no extra cost whilst having your alloys fully refurbished, we guarantee not to damage your wheels when fitting your tyres.

All work is carried out on site at our Pershore premises reducing your vehicles downtime to a minimum.

Experience the high quality of our work and service and join our ever growing list of satisfied customers.

Low tyre pressure?

If you are losing tyre pressure and you have recently had your tyres checked for damage or recently had new tyres put onto your car, it’s most likely going to be one of the following reasons:

  • 1. Cracked Alloy Wheel
  • 2. Buckled Alloy Wheel
  • 3. Corroded Alloy Wheel

Cracked Alloy Wheel

If you are experiencing a very slow loss in tyre pressure, chances are there is a small crack on the inside of your alloy, this crack is often so small it is missed at the tyre centre. The majority of these cracks can be repaired by our specialist wheel welder using TIG welding.

Buckled Wheels

In most instances a buckled wheel will instantly deflate your tyre but in some cases the wheel can be bent so your wheel won’t fit correctly on the tyre bead which will result in a slow loss of tyre pressure. Most alloys can be bent back into shape suing our wheel straightening machine.

Corroded Alloy Wheels

Most wheels that are over five years old start to suffer from paint corrosion, usually this will start on the inside of the wheel, once the paint has bubbled or started to flake, the tyre will not fully seal on the bead, which will cause a deflate within about a week. The best solution in this case is to have your wheels fully refurbished, which will be with a chemical strip and blast to remove the old paint and corrosion, then the entire wheel can be completely powder coated, which is one of our main services that we offer here at Premier Wheels.

Your car tyre pressure should be checked at least once a week to ensure that you have the correct tyre pressure. The right tyre pressure is a vital part of your vehicle safety checks, tyre pressure effects braking distance, the wrong tyre pressure will increase wear and tear on your tyres.

Need new tyres and fitting? No problem.