Alloy wheel refurbishment
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Alloy Wheel Repairs

Do your wheels need repairing?

Here at Premier Wheels Midlands, we can transform tired, damaged or weathered alloys back to their former glory, or a brand new look altogether. We cater for bent wheel rims, buckled wheels, wheel straightening and alloy welding, as well as diamond cutting and powder coating.

We also have a chemical stripping system for the alloys to go into before any work is carried out, which removes all previous paintwork on the alloy and allows for the perfect refurbishment and finish. This can all be done from our specialised centre in Pershore, by our dedicated and experienced team. For more details, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

We repair bent or buckled wheels by straightening them using our hydraulic wheel straightening machine.

Bent Wheel Rims +

How to tell if you are driving on a bent rim.

A bent wheel rim may seem like a small issue, but if you ignore it for too long it can be dangerous and expensive down the road. Sometimes it will be obvious what the problem is.

If it doesn’t seem obvious, do a quick mental check of your driving history. Have you hit any curbs, major potholes or been in an accident recently? If you’ve answered yes to any of those then it’s worth getting your alloys checked out...

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Buckled Wheels +

Do you have problems with buckled wheels?

Premier Wheels (Midlands) Ltd have the specialist equipment and technicians on site to rectify damage.

Following the buckle wheel repair process the tyre will be fitted and rebalanced prior to refitment on the vehicle.

Wheel Straightening +

Buckled and pothole damaged alloys can be manipulated hydraulically to their original form using our specialist technicians and machinery.

Alloy Welding +

Cracked and damaged alloys are aluminium welded to affect a safe repair. This process is carried out by our own coded welder.

Alloys are welded in scenarios.

1. The profile of the wheel has been compromised and a cosmetic weld on the face on the wheel is needed to reshape the wheel.

2. The wheel is cracked and most likely leaking air. We repair the cracked alloy by welding the damaged area, ensuring the integrity and strength of the wheel is maintained.

Puncture Repair +

If your tyre ias losing air due to a sharp object in the tyre. Using a puncture repair kit we can save the customer buying a new tyre by repairing the puncture.

Repair and Refurbish your wheels at Premier Wheels Midlands.