Alloy wheel refurbishment
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Diamond Cutting

What is Diamond Cutting?

Diamond cut alloys are becoming more popular with car manufacturers as the years go on, easily recognised by its mirror polished appearance with machine lines being visible on the alloy, it is usually done in a two tone effect for example powder coated black and machined polished on top.

It is impossible for a smart repairer to be able to achieve this finish without the use of a CNC machine. Here at Premier Wheels (Midlands) Ltd we have our own in-house diamond cutting CNC lathe, which is manned by one of our trained technicians.

How is Diamond Cutting done?

The process is achieved by powder coating the entire alloy, then a probe digitizes the surface of the wheel to be cut, followed by a tipped cutter that removes a thin layer of metal from the face or lip of the wheel. This is then followed by an application of anti-corrosion treatment and then finally a durable coat of clear lacquer.

How long does it take?

Repairs to a diamond cut alloy can typically only be done 1-2 times on average, as only so much metal can be removed from the alloy before the wheel’s strength starts to be compromised and the appearance changes. Should the damage to your alloy be too deep the wheel will need to be welded which can be done by our trusted welder.

All wheels are inspected first checking for any buckles or flat spots that would affect the cutting surface, should any be found then our hydraulic wheel straightener can rectify this.

Bring your wheels back to their former glory!