Alloy wheel refurbishment
− & diamond cut centre −


Case Study Ms D

Helen Dolton – Audi

Contacted by customer.

Visited customer at home address to quote on refurbishment of genuine Audi A4 Cabriolet alloy wheels.
Car went to local Audi dealer for MoT and was determined to have a buckled alloy.
Car collected from Audi dealership, buckled wheel rim straightened.
4 off Alloys refurbished.
Car delivered back to Audi dealership.

Case Study Mr. L

Mercedes C220

Customer visited our Pershore premises for a quotation to refurbish 4 off alloys
Given choice on single OE recolour or diamond cut options.
Chose diamond cut option.
Tyres inspected and where found to be close to legal wear limit
4 Continental tyres were quoted for against a local Mercedes dealership prices.
4 tyres ordered and fitted together with new wheel centre caps.

Case Study Mr T

Volkswagen T5.1 Van

Customer called in to our premises without prior booking an appointment requesting an inspection on a suspected buckled alloy wheel.
Vehicle booked in and submitted to our wheel technicians for inspection within 5 minutes of customers arrival.
Wheel assembly removed, tyre removed, buckle corrected with our latest ‘state of the art equipment’, tyre refitted, rebalanced and assembly remounted within a 1 hour turnaround time.
A local competitor was returning his enquiry call whilst we were actually carrying out the rectification work.
Customer so impressed they are returning shortly to have all wheels fully refurbished in Gloss Black.

Case Study Mr H

Mercedes E Class Alloy Wheel

Customer presented us with a Mercedes AMG alloy wheel rim that had sustained fracture damage to the inner edge of the wheel rim causing tyre air pressure leakage.
Wheel rim assessed to ensure safety & suitability for a weld repair and quotation for work given.
Alloy wheel face fitted with protective cover.
Fracture then prepared to accept weld repair via the Tungsten Inert Gas welding process carried out by our coded welding technician.
Weld process completed, dressed & recoated to ensure correct sealing of tyre bead to alloy mating face.
Customer returned two days later with the wheel from opposite side of axle, process repeated successfully on second alloy.